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 Birth data: Latvia, Riga, 6 March 19...

 The Latvian Gymnasium of Imanta, classes 9, basic education completed in 1997;

1998-2002 Riga Crafts High School, Arts Textile Designator, Amata Duks in Textile Art, Diplomats - woven rullo blinds for windows;

2003 -. A student of Course 3, teacher of visual art, art history, academic;

2004-2008 Latvian Academy of Arts Department, academic degree in the arts of the Bachelor of Humanities. Bachelor's work; self-image of glass fibres;

2012 Latvian Academy of Arts. Acquired a master's degree in art. Master's work; figurative mock-ups/designs for extreme sports skeitbord and inlains for 1, 2, 3 site winners.